About MUSOS.info

MUSOS.info is a space for open dialogue about the (classical and more) music industry. We have a blog that aims to make information about how the music industry really works more accessible for music students and professionals everywhere. We publish opinion articles and hold a multilingual feed of career opportunities for musicians around the world.

We want YOU to be able to access a wide range of perspectives on the music industry to

  1. gain a broader perception of what a career in music might look like, and
  2. highlight opportunities that target and uplift musicians in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

What MUSOS.info is not

An employment portal (for now).

An open forum to complain about what’s wrong in the life of individuals.

A platform for tasteless and/or aggressive self-promotion.

What MUSOS.info is

A space to share individual reflections on systemic problems that affect all of us, even when you don’t think so.

A feed to find seemly random opportunities you never thought your college degree in music would qualify you for.

A compendium of practical and real advice that can change your life.

Who writes MUSOS.info

Anybody who wants and is able to. And if you think that we live in a fundamentally unjust system that is destroying the planet, say no more.

All authors get paid for their work a fixed amount of €75 for articles between 1000 and 1500 words.

How you can help

If you enjoy the blog and you think it is helpful, you can support this work in different ways:


Sharing the information we publish with others is a free and quick way to say thanks! You’ll contribute to our mission with just a few clicks 😍


Writing and researching takes time and energy! The best way to support our bunch of young, scrappy, and hungry authors and musicians is to employ us and hire us for performances, talks, conferences, and more wherever you are located so that we can receive actual income through LEGAL WORK. Just send us an email and we’ll get started!